About MAC


Our Commitment Is Unwavering

With This Commitment At The Heart Of Our Operations, MAYSAN AL ARAB (MAC) Endeavors To Be A Leading Force In The Industry, Driving Growth And Success For Our Clients While Positively Impacting The Communities We Serve.

At MAYSAN AL ARAB (MAC), Our Commitment Is Unwavering. We Are Dedicated To Delivering Exceptional Service And Value To Our Clients, Ensuring Their Satisfaction And Success In Every Endeavor. Our Core Values Revolve Around:


Leading Contracting Company

MAYSAN AL ARAB (MAC) Is A Leading Contracting Company In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia With A Rich History And An Outstanding Reputation In The Industry. The Company Is Known For Its Expertise In Managing And Executing A Diverse Range Of Projects, Including Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Administrative, And Recreational Developments.

With A Commitment To Innovation And Quality, MAC Has Assembled A Team Of Highly Experienced Professionals Who Continuously Evolve To Meet The Changing Demands Of Clients. Through Meticulous Planning And Execution, MAC Has Achieved Significant Recognition In The Construction Sector, Establishing Itself As One Of The Top Contractors In The Kingdom.


From The Very Beginning, MAC Has Embraced The Mission Of Contributing To The Kingdom’s Urban Growth And Economic Prosperity. By Undertaking Large And Medium-Sized Construction And Infrastructure Projects, The Company Has Played A Pivotal Role In Shaping The Modern Landscape Of Saudi Arabia.


Through Its Unique Approach To Construction And Unwavering Commitment To Excellence, MAYSAN AL ARAB (MAC) Continues To Be A Driving Force Behind The Development And Progress Of The Region.


What we Do?


Our Mission Is To Build And Maintain Industrial Plants, Infrastructures, And Facilities That Help Propel Economic Growth And The Development Of Human Potentials In The Countries Where We Operate.


Our Vision Is To Become A World Class Engineering, Procurement And Construction (EPC) Contractor In Industrial Construction And Plant. Services And A Preferred Supplier Of Construction Materials And Human Resource Services In The GCC Region.


 We are committed to Zero LTI in every task that we under­take. We believe that strong safety practice is an essential part of our business.

 We give our best in ways that delight our customers and give us pride in our work

We Find Greater Strength In Collaborating As One Team To Achieve Our Common Goals.

We Pursue With Passion The Development Of Our People And The Continual Improve­ment Of Our Operations.

      1. We deliver what we promise; we practice what we say.

Quality Is Everyone’s Business